This feature lets the AI edit and write code inline right inside your files. The changes will be presented to you in an inline diff-view.

Inline Edit

To edit existing code, select some code, click Edit or use the edit shortcut, and describe how the code should be changed.

Edits also see the lint errors in your selection, so you can say something as simple as fix..

Inline Generation

To generate new code, place your cursor where you want your code to be generated, use the generate shortcut, and type what you want the AI to write.

Follow-up instructions

The AI output from both methods can be further modified using the Follow-up instructions input, which always appears after the AI has finished writing the code.

Codebase Context

Both methods can see the file they are currently being used in.

Additionally, the code instructions from both methods accept many of the ”@“-Symbol References that you are already familiar with from the Chat.