You can initiate your chat message with the /edit command and describe the changes you’d like to make to your file. The AI will then edit your file according to your preferences.

The AI won’t rewrite your entire file; instead, it will skip unchanged sections, ensuring a quick process.

After the AI has finished editing your file, you can either accept the edit or reject it to undo the changes.

Unfortunately, this feature uses non-public models and therefore can’t be used by your OpenAI API Key or Azure API Key.

Also, it currently only works with GPT-4.

Why should I sometimes use /edit instead of the Inline Code Edit?

/edit is initiated inside a chat, so it knows your conversation history. If you’ve talked before with the AI about what you want to change in the file, you don’t need to repeat yourself. You can simply say, “Apply the changes we talked about” and the AI will understand what you mean.

Since /edit skips unchanged sections, it can often be faster than the Inline Code Edit.